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November 22, 2015
I was here a little while ago picking up a cake for a friend's party and they had a pistachio cake that caught my eye from La Patisserie in Kitchener.  However, when I came back, I wasn't able to find the same pistachio cake (apparently the selection varies since it's dependent on the supplier). 
There was this pistachio and raspberry cake instead, so I gave it a try. 
It was okay - the combination of raspberry and pistachio can't really go wrong, but this cake had a lot of cream which took away from the flavours.

January 2, 2012
 McEwan is a gourmet grocery store stocked with (1) fresh groceries and (2) prepared foods by renown Torontonian Chef Mark McEwan. McEwan is the restaurateur behind Bymark (home of the $35 hamburger), North 44, One and Fabbrica (across the street from McEwan at Shops at Don Mills). Sometimes on the weekends, they set up sampling stations and you get to try the awesome food! Examples include: samosas, curries, Reuben sandwiches, chutneys on crackers, tzatziki sauce (they have the most amazing tzatziki sauce! it's $7.99 for a little box but it's delish!), guacamole, etc. 

Today - we did sushi! This was the spicy tuna roll and it was tightly wrapped and delectable! The sushi here is fantastic for store-bought sushi (but with a reputation like Mark McEwan's they definitely need to keep up the standard). It was also reasonably priced at $7.99

We love their purple rice sushi here! It's colourful, fun and very good (even though they were only cucumber)! The purple colour is not just colouring - there's something unique about the way it tastes and it's supposed to be more nutritional than white rice. The cucumber rolls were $4.49 - a decent price for McEwan's food.

Conclusion: Definitely try the sushi here if you're in the neighbourhood! It's quick, easy and reasonably priced. If you're not happy with the selection - you can always request to make your own sushi rolls from the sushi chef who's always there. 


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