Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Bangkok Garden

May 17, 2017
Bangkok Garden is a really popular place for large parties because it has so much space to accommodate groups. 
Pad Thai, Pad Siew, Green curries, vegetables, noodle soup
It's pretty consistent with all the other times I've been here. 

Mango salad, pineapple, cantaloupe, fried banana, rambutan
It's interesting because I never noticed the rambutans sign until now. I always thought they were lychees - they're actually similar in taste, but lychees are sweeter. 

May 30, 2016
Bangkok Garden is a popular lunch spot around the Eaton Centre area and one of the reasons is because they offer a $15.95 Lunch Buffet of Thai food. 
There's quite a few varieties including a few curry options (Green curry, red curry, vegetable curry, etc.), pad thai, spring rolls, stir-fry vegetables and jasmine rice. 
The food is decent and it can be good value for money if you eat a lot - there's options for everyone. 

Noodle soup bar
The lunch buffet also includes a noodle soup bar where you can choose your toppings like fish cakes, beef balls, pork balls, corriander, green onions, dried shrimp and more. 

July 6, 2012
According to their website, Bangkok Garden was one of the first Thai restaurants in Toronto. 
The inside of the restaurant is decorated really nicely.

When we went to Bangkok Garden, we had the option of Summerlicious or the Lunch Buffet for $15. 
We chose the lunch buffet.
Choice of meats - beef balls, fish balls, shrimp balls, fish cake and chicken
Also, they offer a selection of toppings - I got green onions and peanuts, but there were more options like chilli sauce, ground garlic and hot peppers to name a few.
The rice noodle soup was okay. They make it look simple to make: add soup, noodles, meats and toppings and voila!

Full plate! Part 1 (clockwise):
Vegetarian pad thai, mango salad, spring roll, vegetable stirfry, basil eggplant and beef, mango beef, glass noodles
Things I liked: Pad Thai, spring roll, Vegetable Stir Fry, Basil Eggplant and Beef, Mango Beef 
The rest wasn't that great.

Part 2 (clockwise): 
Bangkok fried noodles, mango beef, emerald green curry, pagoda chicken curry, vegetarian pad thai and spring roll
The Bangkok fried noodles was like Chow Mein (but renamed to sound more Thai). I wasn't too sure which curry would be spicy - so I grabbed a little of each with rice. The emerald green curry was a little spicy to me, but the pagoda chicken curry was good!

Dessert time!
Watermelon, pineapple, deep fried sweet potato and deep fried banana, cantaloupe and lychees
I really like deep fried bananas especially with ice cream (which they didn't have here). The deep fried sweet potato didn't taste as good as the banana. 

Overall: It's probably a little pricey for a buffet, but considering the downtown location (lunches downtown can cost up to $15 anyways), it's actually a decent price for a filling meal. 



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