Sunday, 19 August 2012

Uno Mustachio

After reading about the Gaia exhibit on Toronto Life (article here), I convinced my friend to come with me to check it out on the weekend. On our way from the station to the Distillery District, we decided to grab lunch at a cheaper venue and stopped by the St. Lawrence Market

In the basement is one of the most popular sandwich places in Toronto: Uno Mustachio. It's super busy and the line actually moves very fast with people churning out the orders in an assembly line format.

The sandwich menu is pretty simple: there's the classics, then the upgraded Nona's favourites and finally the Godfather's favourites. 

The offerings behind the counter.

Chicken Parma Eggplant ($10.12 including tax)
Side view of the sandwich
Recipe: 2 eggplant parmas + 1 chicken parma + marinara sauce + sauteed mushrooms + peppers + cheese = amazing italian sandwich.

OMG it's huge - even half is super filling! The kaiser bun is soft but still retains the crispy toasted texture outside. The chicken parma (parmigiana) layer was really thin, but with the two slices of eggplant parma - it gave it more flavour and texture. The sandwich just worked well together with all the ingredients. I kinda wish they put more of their amazing marinara sauce on the sandwich to make it less dry. (Note to self: ask for more sauce next time).

Veal Parma Eggplant
The veal sandwich was even better than the chicken! It was moist, tender and very tasty. Unfortunately, the sauce issue popped up again. 

Overall: Fast, filling, yummy and great value for money! 

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