Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rahier Patisserie

I love the little Patisserie shops in North York. The shops are cute, the staff are super helpful and the cakes sound original and delicious. I've been wanting to try out Rahier Patisserie for a while, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to make it to the neighbourhood before 5pm. (Rahier's hours are Monday to Sunday 7am to 5pm).

The cute packaging

Pear tart
with almond cream and phyllo pastry 
The tart was simple with a nice flaky pastry, but in terms of taste and substance - I liked the tarts at Clafouti much better. 

All mousse cakes were $5.50 (unless otherwise mentioned). 

Pistachio Mousse, raspberry-soaked sponge, raspberry gelee
This was my favourite cake out of the bunch. The pistachio and raspberry combination is amazing (see Sabatini in Rome). Rahier does fantastic chocolate - the white chocolate pistachio bark and the dark chocolate on top of the cake were amazing, but I think Patisserie de la Cigogne makes better pistachio desserts (mmm..bacarra and croq pistache). 

Chocolate mousse, pistachio mousse, chocolate sponge, chocolate ladyfingers
I got really excited when I saw the words pistachio mousse, but this was more of a chocolate mousse dessert because the chocolate completely overwhelmed the lighter pistachio flavour. I wasn't too sure where the chocolate lady fingers came in here...

Mari Hari
coconut mousse, mango mousse, coconut dacquoise, papaya compote
This sounded like a refreshing summer dessert with all the seasonal fruits: papaya, coconut and mango. In this case, there were so many strong flavours that it felt overwhelming without one prominent flavour. There were flakes of coconut as well as coconut mousse, mango mousse and papaya puree. 

Fraiser $5.75 (Considered a fruit tart?)
Not only was this the most expensive, it was also our least favourite - the strawberries and cream layer in the middle was okay, but the cake was hard. 

Mille Feuille
It was okay, really flaky and the pastry cream was nice. I think I was expecting more almond flavour in the mille feuille, but it was decent (just a little pricey).

Forêt Noire
Dark chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate sponge cake
It seems relatively simple and it was done very well. Beautifully presented and really decadent inside. I'm a huge fan of their chocolate - yum! 

Overall: I love their Chanel Cake and their desserts are really nice (but pricey). I think if I had to choose though, I would pick Patisserie de la Cigogne (the pistachio desserts there are a lot better). However, I would rank Rahier above Dufflet.  

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