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Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton

December 18, 2016
New Bright Packaging!

Still the same great cookies inside!
I picked up a box on the way to my friend's Christmas party and they were a hit! People loved the yummy and soft cookies.

May 17, 2014
I finally took better pictures of Felix & Norton cookies!

 Still the same cute box!

 A pound of cookies! Milk chocolate cookies and double chocolate cookies are visible here
I love their milk chocolate cookie: it's rich, buttery and they have this delicious melty and oozy chocolate when they're fresh. So delicious!

 Lemon Delight cookie with small edible pieces of lemon rind and white chocolate
I love this cookie because it's so different! It's a perfect balance of tart and sweet all in a rich decadent cookie. One of my favourites and a must try at Felix and Norton!
I thought this picture would show how soft the cookies are. They don't "crack" or break and they have soft melted chocolate inside..mmmmm

 Chocolate Oatmeal and Very Berry
We were a little sad that the Oatmeal Raisin cookie was no longer made because that was another favourite here. Unfortunately, the Chocolate Oatmeal just didn't compare to the Oatmeal Raisin.
The Very Berry is relatively newer with cranberries, blueberries and raspberries. A fragrant cookie, but it just doesn't have the same draw that the Lemon Delight has or the Ebony and Ivory.

 Ebony & Ivory!

Dark chocolate cookie with soft white chocolate chunks inside. This one was a little more dark than white haha - still same delicious recipe that we can't recreate. Must be because it's made with love and baked until perfection!

October 19, 2012
Yay! It's been a while for me since I've had Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton cookies - mostly because I haven't been in the Highway 7 and Warden area. 
This time I actually managed to grab a quick picture of some of the cookies before I devoured the entire box of cookies. 

Clockwise from the top: Double Chocolate, Lemon Delight, Ebony and Ivory and the specialty flavour of the month: Orange Milk Chocolate. 
The company doesn't sell their cookies based on the number you purchase, instead they sell them by weight. We got a pound of cookies (approx 17 cookies) of which 6 were Ebony and Ivory and OMG were they amazing! There's such a difference between the "bake it yourself" cookies and the cookies they bake in the store. They're just melt in your mouth delicious - buttery, rich, soft and chewy. MMMM

February 12, 2012

I knew they started distributing Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton cookies in pre-packaged bake-able form in November, but at the time, they were only available in Quebec. 
Now I'm happy to say - they're available in Toronto!!! I bought my first box that makes 20 Ebony and Ivory Cookies at Sobey's at College Park for $6.99. Other flavours available included Milk Chocolate and the Ménage a Trois.
However, when they were actually baked, I found that they weren't the same soft, delectable and gooey cookies that the "real" fresh Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton cookies are. I think they must either add a pound of butter to the cookie dough or have some other secret method to keep them moist (and avoid them from drying out). 

November 13, 2011

The most delicious cookies ever!

I absolutely LOVE cookies from Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton ( Whenever we're in the Markham area, we make a special trip out to the Highway 7 and Warden location for their cookies because they are to DIE FOR. They bake them fresh daily and have the most amazing flavours - my favourites are Ebony & Ivory (Dark Chocolate cookie and white chocolate pieces), Lemon Delight (Lemon pieces and white chocolate in the cookie) and Ménage a Trois (Dark, milk and white chocolate cookie). The other flavours are amazing too - you can never go wrong with their cookies --> this place is an absolute MUST TRY if you love good quality cookies.

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