Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pizza Libretto

After salivating over the BlogTo Best Pizza in Toronto list, I couldn't wait to try out Pizza Libretto (which was #1 on the list)
The front door boasts certified authentic Neapolitan pizza
The menu was simple and straight forward, so my friend and I were originally going for an appetizer and pizza to share, but then our friendly server recommended that we get two pizzas and share them instead. 

Rosemary bread with yummy balsamic and olive oil mix

Margherita D.O.P., Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella
Wood Fire ovens add a great crispiness to most pizza crusts. Libretto's pizza crust has a doughy, chewy Naan-like texture which is very yummy. It's a nice change from all the thin-crust or thick greasy crust pizza I've been eating.

I loved the fragrant basil leaves which was also nicely complemented with the gooey mozzarella and super fresh and tangy tomato sauce. Yum! Simple and delicious!

House-Made Sausage, Caramelized Onion, Mozzarella, Chili Oil
I really liked this pizza! The sweet caramelized onions contrasted with the chili oil and created this complex and powerful punch of flavour. It wasn't too spicy either - a little hint of heat from the chili oil and it added a nice orange colour to the pizza. The morsels of sausage were delectable - but I have to say my favourite part of the pizza was the perfectly done caramelized onions - Wow!

Overall: Great place! Service was fantastic and super fast (we ordered our pizza and in less time than it takes to go to the washroom, they arrived at our table). The pizzas were authentic, fresh and delicious!

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  1. We had supper there on Friday and enjoyed it!