Friday, 28 December 2012

Beef Noodle Restaurant

The Beef Noodle Restaurant has been around for over 20 years in the same location. Apparently the management has changed over the years, but it's been a while since I've been here (we were more frequent customers across the street at Chicken & Noodles Chinese Restaurant on Glen Watson Drive, but unfortunately it closed earlier this year).


The placemat menu with some specials.

Tofu skin $3.50
It is a cold dish from the front counter and was immediately delivered to our table after we ordered it.
It was really yummy. 
Pig's ears $3.50
A huge plateful of pig's ears. Instead of being jelly as they appear in the picture, the pig's ears are actually really chewy and crunchy from the cartilage. The ears are also marinated in a sauce which is really tasty. 
Beef noodle soup $6.95
The soup is a flavourful and a little spicy. The beef was really delicious since it was so tender. We would have liked more noodles in the soup.
One of my favourite Chinese noodle dishes (the Chinese version is much better than the Korean jajangmyeon) with warm noodles, cucumbers and the ground pork & salty fermented soybean paste.
The Beef Noodle Restaurant does a fantastic finger-licking sauce and the cucumbers are plentiful and fresh.
If anything, there was too much sauce in the dish and not enough noodles again. (The opposite situation of Chinese Dumpling House)
Pan fried dumplings (potstickers)
Very meaty dumplings, but I found the skin wasn't as crispy as I liked. 
Braised grouper with deep fried tofu $6.95
The tofu was perfect! Crispy outside and soft & hot inside and the sauce was good. The grouper wasn't that great though, it was breaded but was soggy and gummy. 
Xiaolongbao (Steamed soup buns)
The xiaolongbao didn't have a lot of soup in the bun (contrary to its original name) and the portions were tiny relative to other xiaolongbaos I've had. The skin was okay, but the meat was a little bland. 
Onion pancake roll with beef $3.95
This was amazing! The beef was juicy and tender and the onion pancake was perfectly crispy on the outside and really flavourful. One of the better pancake rolls with onion and beef I've had.

Overall: Reasonable prices and decent service - some of the food was hit and miss, but I know I'd come back for the cold dishes (tofu skin & pig's ear), onion pancake roll and zhajiangmian. 

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