Thursday, 20 December 2012

Porchetta & Co.

I heard about Porchetta & Co early last year and I couldn't wait to try it and compare the porchetta to the delicious porchetta sandwich I had in Rome.
After a few months of trying to make plans and failing, I was finally able to arrange it so that my Europe buddy and I could go and recreate our memories from Rome.

We must have had crazy perfect timing because we found out on Monday from Toronto Life that Porchetta & Co were celebrating their 2nd year anniversary by selling $1 porchetta sandwiches on Dec 20, 2012.

We got there just in time to grab two sandwiches because an hour later they ran out:

4 oz Porchetta sandwich with crackling, truffle sauce, tomato sauce and mushrooms
Delicious!! The porchetta was meaty, super tender & succulent. There wasn't as much crackling as the porchetta sandwich I had in Rome, but I didn't mind. I thought it was a decent balance considering how many other things there were in the sandwich.
The mushrooms and tomato sauce were good, but I found that the truffle sauce was definitely one of the
 highlights of the sandwich. The truffle sauce was fragrant and it added a richness to the sandwich.

The tender meaty porchetta!

House Special
4 oz Porchetta sandwich with crackling, truffle sauce, hot sauce and parmesan
I would have never put hot sauce in my sandwich, but I actually liked it when I tried my friend`s sandwich. I was surprised by the way the hot sauce added depth to this sandwich. The meat absorbs most of the spiciness of the sauce and the little bit of heat really brings out the flavour of the truffle sauce. Fantastic!

Overall: Definitely a must try sandwich place in Toronto! The meat was tender, succulent and delicious and I can`t rave enough about the truffle sauce. These sandwiches were better than the ones we had in Rome!

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