Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sushi on 7

I had a serious craving for All You Can Eat Sushi, so we went to Sushi on 7:

The main difference between the dinner menu and the regular menu is mainly sashimi (and maybe a few more rolls)
IMAG1982 IMAG1977
Spider rolls (Soft shell crab) (8 pc.) and Spicy Salmon roll (6 pc)
The restaurant lets you order in increments of 4 and 8 for certain rolls and other rolls come in 6. 
I love soft shell crab rolls; they serve the rolls with crunchy and meaty crab, avocado, cucumbers and imitation crab. I really like the way they do the rolls here too - there's not too much rice and there's a ton of ingredients to pack the rolls. 
The spicy salmon was good too! Not super spicy but enough to add a nice kick to the sushi. 

Dinner only: Green Dragon Roll
Tempura shrimp, imitation crab, cucumber and avocado with avocado and fish roe on top. I found that I liked the Crispy Dragon roll (below) better than the Green Dragon roll only offered at dinner:
Crispy Dragon roll
They had BBQ eel and avocado on top of the roll and the same ingredients as the Green Dragon roll.
The sushi here was all tightly wrapped and perfectly bite sized (they fit nicely into your mouth Sushi Bong)

Dinner only: Rainbow Roll
Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado rolls topped with assorted ingredients (raw salmon, avocado, raw shrimp and BBQ eel)

Deep fried Squid Balls
Tiny, chewy and gummy balls with sauce for dipping.

Deep fried Salmon head and Chicken gizzard skewers
I don't think I've seen on an AYCE menu (must be Chinese style AYCE sushi)

Dinner only: Salmon sashimi and white tuna sashimi
Fresh buttery soft and delicious salmon. The pieces were pretty big too! We ordered more salmon cause it was so good. The white tuna was leaner and a little tougher (I love salmon sashimi more).

Top: BBQ eel sushi pizza and Bottom: Enoki and beef rolls
I really liked the BBQ eel sushi pizza: the pizza was made of this crispy and chewy rice patty and topped with BBQ eel and like tempura yam or something soft. I learned that sushi pizza is a popular novelty in Toronto (thanks Wikipedia), I always thought it was just part of all AYCE menus.  
Chicken Cutlet Udon
Cute little portion of chicken cutlet udon
Dinner only: Wasabi mussels
They weren't very spicy at first and then I started feeling the heat. If I liked wasabi, I probably would have enjoyed these more...but I was too busy tearing up.
Shrimp tempura
Crispy fried tempura
Dinner only: Crème brûlée
I love crème brûlée; it's probably one of my favourite desserts. This one by Sushi on 7 tasted like an Asian version using egg custard rather than a vanilla custard. I kept thinking that this was like a Hong Kong Egg Tart with a little caramelized brown sugar on top - I can't say I was a fan.
All things mango! Mango pudding and mango ice cream
The mango pudding tasted like it was out of a box and the mango ice cream was okay.
Sushi on 7 has more dessert options than a lot of AYCE places (I would have ordered the deep fried banana if I was able to keep eating).

Overall: I really liked Sushi on 7! The sashimi was good, rolls were tightly wrapped and ingredients were fresh, service was really fast and prices were reasonable.

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