Saturday, 9 March 2013

Full House Chinese Cuisine

In the 1980-1990s, a lot of immigrants from Hong Kong came and settled into the Agincourt area of Scarborough. It quickly developed into a Chinatown with a lot of Chinese restaurants and stores. During the real estate boom, the Chinese population started spreading out with a lot of the population moving up to Markham and a larger majority moving back to Hong Kong. Even still, there's still a few Chinese restaurants in the area.

Drunken Half Chicken
The chicken was lean and nicely flavoured with wine.The presentation was a little odd in the bamboo container - I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Bamboo clam (Atlantic Jacknife clam) with black bean sauce and peppers
The black bean sauce was light and tasted sweeter with the red and green peppers. I liked the bamboo clams: they were meaty and sweet.

Crab Steamed Rice
We ordered the rice in advance so that it would be served at the same time as the dishes. However, the crab wasn't fresh and it didn't have claws! The rice was fragrant and mixed with fish roe and egg whites, but it was still disappointing.

Sautéed snow pea shoots
It had a nice light sauce and was pretty tasty.

Dessert of almond cookies in the middle and steamed white sugar sponge cake
I wasn't a big fan of the white sugar sponge cake, but the almond cookies were good.

Overall: The service was mediocre and the food was okay. I've had better at Maple Yip or even Honest Kitchen.
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