Thursday, 1 August 2013

Eighteen Brook Cantonese Cuisine - HK

Hong Kong is stunning day and night, that is, if you take enough time to slow down and enjoy it. 

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Lobster Egg Noodles
This bowl of lobster egg noodles was delicious! The egg noodles fully absorbed the sweet seafood flavour of the lobster and they were the perfect slightly soggy texture. The one down side was that there wasn't a lot of meat except in the lobster claws; the waitress told us that it was because the lobster was from Boston.

Siu Yuk (Roast Pork)
The siu yuk was on the lean side, but it had super crispy skin. It had quite a thick fatty layer, but the texture of the meat wasn't as soft as I would have liked.

Yin Choy in soup
It was a very simple dish with sweet and soft yin choy (amaranth greens)

Steamed Green Grouper
The fish was fresh and steamed with the Asian trio of soy sauce, green onions and ginger. Very classic and simple - the fish meat was very tender and there weren't a lot of bones - Yum!

Claypot Chicken with Chinese Mushrooms
The bowl was okay overall; I found the sauce was salty, but it made the dish savoury.

Sago with Watermelon
The dessert was a little watery from the watermelon and coconut milk, but I thought it was a nice and pretty interesting combination. It was good!

Coconut mango rolls
These were really nicely done with actual chunks of mango inside wrapped with mango mousse and sprinkled with coconut on the outside. Fantastic!
Sesame roll
It had the jelly consistency and it had a heavy sesame taste.

Overall: Delightful meal at Eighteen Brook Cantonese Cuisine. The food was delicious, service was impeccable and attentive, the view was amazing too!

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