Friday, 2 August 2013

Full Gold Seafood Restaurant - HK

We went to Sheung Shui to visit an old friend of the family. Interesting fact: Sheung Shui is two stops away from the Hong Kong - China border. Two more subway stations and I'd be in Shenzhen, China (meaning I'd need my passport and a China visa - which I didn't have).
I thought this was people still use the term "alighting"??
IMAG2972 IMAG2971
Sheung Shui is really nice: the pace is slower than Kowloon or Hong Kong and it's very relaxed here.
First of all, the restaurant was huge! The outside was deceiving since the restaurant was so big inside. The turnover was pretty fast too. Very popular restaurant in Sheung Shui.

Kwai Fei Chicken
OMG - this chicken was amazing! It was so delicious, juicy and tender that you could tell the meat was fresh and so tasty. It was even better with the ginger onion sauce. So simple, yet so exquisite! I could eat plates and plates of this chicken.

Spring Rolls and Yu Choy
The spring rolls were crispy and crunchy on the outside with steaming hot meat and vegetable filling inside.
The choy portion was small; I've been noticing that about Hong Kong - do they not like to eat large portions of vegetables? I thought it was all part of the balanced diet that all Asians follow.

Siu Mai and Braised Tofu Wrap with Mushrooms and Vegetables
The siu mai were good, nothing really special. The tofu wrap was so delicious and filled with hot mushrooms and vegetables. You can tell they make everything to order because everything comes out piping hot.

Shark Fin Soup with Fried Rice
Very tasty soup with shreds of shark fin and the fried rice in the middle - such an awesome pairing! IMAG2984
Lo Mai Gai
This lo mai gai was mediocre because the rice wasn't very good quality.

Overall: Wow - this meal was ridiculously cheap by Canadian standards (it was only $138 HKD ~ approximately $20 CAD) and it was so filling and delicious! Shark fin soup for less than $20 CAD? Crazy! And the chicken: so heavenly...

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