Monday, 5 August 2013

Loja De Comidas Sio Seong Hoi - Macau

Macau has some really pretty Portuguese historical buildings and scenic squares:
Senado square Senado square
Senado Square
(It's only empty because it was 30 degrees out in the sun - everyone is hiding under the shade of the buildings)

Ruins of St. Paul
The Ruins of St. Paul:
It's only the Cathedral front and the Crypt museum that are still around today. 

On our way to from Senado square to the Ruins of St. Paul, we saw a lot of pork bun shops. 
We stopped by a famous one: Loja De Comidas Sio Seong Hoi. 

Wo Tip Dumplings and Pork Chop Bun

Despite the little side alley location, the store was pretty popular. They had a gigantic wok making wo tip and other dumplings (depending what time you come by, you can get different types of dumplings and they're always fresh). 
We bought some buns for $30 each and a few wo tip (pan fried dumplings) to try. 
The wo tip were hot and fresh with a nice thin crispy skin, but they didn't have a lot of meat filling inside. 
The Pork Chop bun was delicious: the meat was perfectly seasoned (if a tad salty) and cooked in its own juices that also drenched the bun to make it taste amazing!

Overall: Awesome snacks at Loja De Comidas Sio Seong Hoi - reasonably priced and quick. 

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