Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Shanghai - HK

Kowloon skyline 

New Shanghai is located in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. 

Shanghai Smoked Fish
The dish definitely didn't look like smoked fish. I thought we ordered barbecue pork (cha siu), instead it was smoked fish with lots of meaty flesh and tons of tiny sharp little bones. It was an interesting contrast with the honey glaze on top.
Vegetarian Goose
Smoked tofu skin wrap with mushrooms inside and a thin crispy outer layer inside. Delicious!

Honey Glazed Jinhua Ham
Wow - this was so amazingly delicious! The famous dry-cured Jinhua ham was coated in sweet honey with chysanthum flowers. It was so beautifully presented that I almost didn't want to eat it. The ham, fong bao (mantou) and fu pai (dried tofu skin) are supposed to be eaten together as a sandwich and what a fantastic sandwich it was! The bao was still warm and with the crispy fu pai, salty ham and sweet.

 Braised Fish and Wood Ear Mushrooms in Wine Sauce
The boneless fish had a "slippery" texture and it was so exquisite with the wine sauce. The fungus had a similar texture and it just brought the whole dish together well. Yum!

An interesting presentation of the napa dish. The sauce was great and added a nice flavour to the cabbage. The cabbage was in long stringy strands.

Roast Duck with Mantou
The duck was on the saltier side and rather lean. The mantou bread helped to take away some of the saltiness, but it was still a bit of a lost cause.

Shanghai Styled Minced Meat with Peanuts in Sesame Pockets
The baked sesame pockets were crispy with the toasted sesame seeds, warm and toasty and to enjoy the dish, you got to stuff the meat, peanuts and crispy things into the pockets and relish the deliciousness.

Vegetable dumplings
Thick skin outside and delicious vegetable filling inside.

The xiaolongbao were really good - even better than Din Tai Fung in Hong Kong.
They had a rich soup base with a thin skin on top and a squash slice underneath to help support the weight.
They weren't as picture-perfect or easy to pick up as the Din Tai Fung xiaolongbao, but the flavour and the soup was a lot better.

Wo Tip/Guotie (Pan Fried Dumplings or Potstickers)
The wo tip had soup inside and had a nice crispy layer at the bottom from being fried in the pan. I would have liked it better if the entire outside skin was crispy, but the wo tip had a lot of meat inside and was pretty tasty. 

Overall: Fantastic meal at New Shanghai! The service was great, the food was AMAZING and the views from the Convention Center are stunning.

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