Friday, 16 August 2013

Restoran Devi's Corner - KL

August 9, 2013


Roti Canai with dal and fish curry sauce
Thin roti with a crispy outside and doughy inside.
 The dal with millet beans and fish curry sauce were rather watery but they were nice.

Roti bomb with dal and fish curry sauce
The roti bomb had lots of butter and sugar melted inside the roti which made it sweet and rather filling. I thought it added a nice richness to the roti.

Iced Milo Drink
Super popular chocolate powdered drink in Malaysia...I wasn't really a fan though.

Teh tarik: We ordered a teh tarik at Devi's Corner and it was so delicious! It was so creamy, sweet and smooth tasting.

Overall: Great fast, cheap and filling breakfast! Devi's Corner had the best teh tarik I've tried so far in Malaysia. (I wish I took a picture)

August 16, 2013
At night, a hamburger stall sets up for business right next to Devi's Corner.
Aloha burger
Aloha Burger
Grilled Chicken breast with cheese, lettuce, tomato, ham, grilled pineapple and bacon
Mmm grilled pineapple...
It was okay, I've probably had better burgers in Toronto - but it was a nice change from all the Chinese food I've been eating lately.

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