Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Restoran Sun Yau Tak Teng - KL

Most restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are in open air spaces (a pretty huge contrast from Toronto's restaurants).
By day, this area has a variety of hawker stalls and by night it's a restaurant:
What a great use of space!
Salted Egg Crayfish
The crayfish was a little soggy and mushy from being fried with the salted egg and it had a strong aroma of the egg too. 

Minced Pork with Chili on Deep Fried Tofu
Wow! This might be the best tofu I've ever eaten! The tofu had a nice golden brown and crispy skin on the outside and it was soft and silky inside. I also loved that there was the minced pork and chili which made the tofu really savoury and delicious!

Fuyu Fermented Tofu and Romaine Lettuce
The Fuyu fermented tofu was integrated into the sauce to make the dish aromatic and it also made the sweet romaine lettuce leaves soggy, salty and a little bitter. 

Mui Choy Kai-Lan (top dish) and Fuyu fermented tofu with romaine lettuce
The mui choy kai-lan had bits of ground pork and pickled vegetables on top of kai-lan (Chinese broccoli)

Sweet Dark Soy Sauce Pork Ribs 
This plate of pork ribs was two gigantic pork ribs smothered in sweet soy sauce on a banana leaf. 
There was a lot of meat on these two ribs and it was oh so tender. 

Overall: Service was a little slow (I guess it was a busy night), but the food was really good and different from any Chinese food I've eaten. 

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