Sunday, 18 August 2013

Snacks in Singapore

View of the Downtown core from the Theatres on the Bay
Downtown Singapore

Marina Bay - Theatres on the Bay
Theatres on the Bay
On the Esplanade Bridge between the Theatres on the Bay and the Merlion Park was a popular food cart selling ice cream sandwiches:
Mango Ice Cream and Red Bean Ice Cream
The ice cream blocks were freezing and sandwiched between two thin wafer layers. It was refreshing on a hot summer day.

Golek (?) Mango
I knew about the Apple mango (usually from Mexico) and the Philippines mango (which I LOVE), but I had no idea there were so many varieties. These mangoes had an interesting taste to them; they didn't taste like the Philippine mangoes I'm used to. The flesh was a lot firmer and less fibrous.

Langsat and Mangosteen
The langsat fruit was divided into little rubbery pieces and tasted a like a sour and bittersweet grapefruit.
The mangosteens (which I've heard amazing things about) were actually a bit of a disappointment. Apparently it's not the best season for them now, so the mangosteens were kind of sweet and sour.

Durian Cake
Durian Cake!!
My first experience with durian was in a cake - which probably helped the experience since the cake with the fluffy cream and layers slightly covered up the pungent smell of the durian (nothing can truly ever hide the smell of durian though).

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