Saturday, 28 September 2013

Keung's Restaurant

Whenever I have stomach problems or get sick, I eat Congee.
Therefore, when I think of congee I just associate that state of being sick (and recovering faster) with it.
Keung Kee Congee
Keung's Restaurant is known for their congee.
They have a special Salted Bone Congee on weekends and it's delicious! It has a chili oil and huge chunks of pork bone.

Chicken Congee
Chef style Chicken Congee
Congee with chicken, peanuts, chopped ginger, green onions and shallots
There wasn't a lot of balance in the congee because the actual congee was watery and there were too many toppings making the congee obviously chunky in certain places. Also, I don't like when the congee is made with bone-in chicken because the chicken bone pieces shatter and mess up the texture of the congee. Otherwise, the flavour was there - it just wasn't as pleasant to eat. I miss the Chicken & Noodles Chinese Restaurant that used to be at 1 Glen Watford Drive in Scarborough (that was my go-to congee place and I haven't been able to find a place that can recreate it since).

Fried Cheung Fun
Pan Fried Dried Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll
I think the rice noodle roll was supposed to be a little crispy, but instead it was like 10 seconds on the pan and then plated. The rolls all stuck together and they were pretty bland and tasteless. The sauces on the side were really good though and helped mask some of the blandness.

Overall: Food was mediocre, but I'd come back for the Salted Pork Bone Congee though (we got that as take-out and it came in a huge 4L Ice-cream tub container and it was delicious). Service was relatively fast, but they missed subtle things like refilling tea and letting us know that you have to go up to pay rather than bringing us the bill.

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