Saturday, 9 November 2013

Delicious Seafood & Steak

We saw the advertisement in the Chinese newspaper for Delicious Seafood & Steak restaurant on Highway 7 and they were offering a special promo: half-price meals from 4pm onwards. 
Delicious Seafood and Steak IMAG3651
The Fish Soup and Hot Pot menu
IMAG3652 IMAG3653 IMAG3654
The entree menus
The entrees seemed like a really good deal: you get salad, soup and a main dish.
Garlic bread and Salad
The garlic bread that came with the surf and turf meal and the salad
Lobster bisque soup
The bisque was thick, heavy and bland with a slightly burnt taste to it - there was a hint of lobster flavour but it wasn't very appetizing at all.

Sea Bass Platter
Sea Bass in Cream Sauce Plate
The sea bass in cream sauce was decent even if the portion was a little small. The fries were the weird part of the dish, when are fries ever a good side dish to a fish dish (unless it's fish and chips)?

Surf and Turf Platter
Surf and Turf Sizzle Plate
The tiny portion of meat in the small lobster was completely overwhelmed and covered by cheese (maybe the cheese was there to secretly hide the fact that there was barely any meat?). The steak was okay, but it was definitely a lower grade of beef. The fries were rather bland and soggy.

Mixed Sizzling Platter
Delicious XXL Mixed Sizzle Plate
Unfortunately, it wasn't sizzling - some of the meat was barely warm. There was a lot of stuff on the plate, but none of it was tasty or any good. It was the most random assortment of meats I think I've ever seen on a platter: shrimp, sausage, chicken, beef, bacon, onions and it was all topped with a gravy sauce on a bed of fries.

Overall: The food wasn't very good even though it was cheap. The service was atrocious; they were great at seating us and taking our orders since we got there before the dinner rush, but they were terrible at serving us and getting the bill because they were so understaffed. Even if there's a great promotion like 1/2 price on the meals, I wouldn't go back.

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