Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sun Star Chinese Cuisine

There's always been a Chinese restaurant at the corner of the Bayview Woods Plaza. I just haven't been there in a while. 
Sun Star Chinese Cuisine

Ginseng and pork bone soup
Ginseng and Pork Bone soup
Wow, I haven't had ginseng in a while (especially in soup). A nice way to start the meal. 

Jackknife clams in black bean sauce
Jackknife clams in black bean sauce
I really like jackknife clams especially with black bean sauce - something about the way the salty and garlicky black bean sauce works well with the sweet and chewy clams. They were tossed with some green onions to make it sweeter. The portion was a little small for a Chinese restaurant dish. 

A staple of Chinese food - you've always got to order your veggies dish. It was cooked in a plain and simple style with minced garlic.

Pineapple and beef stir fry
Pineapple and Beef Stir Fry
I really loved this dish: crispy snow peas, sweet and juicy pineapple, cut carrots and well-seasoned beef. How could you possibly go wrong? Mmm pineapples and beef...

Chinese Deep Fried Chicken
Chicken was a little bony and there were maybe 5 pieces with a good chunk of meat
The shrimp chips on the side were not very good. 

Overall: Regular meal at a Chinese restaurant - it wasn't anything special, but the food was decent and they had some good options like the pineapple beef.

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