Thursday, 27 August 2015

Beer Bistro

August 27, 2015
Belgian Frites $6
Beer Bistro has some of the best fries in Toronto (and I'm not a big fan of fries - but these are delicious!).  The frites are blanched in beef & duck fat and served in a nice cone with house made mayo and smoked ketchup.  The blanching in fat really helps the flavour since they're pretty strong tasting by themselves. However, with the slight tangy and sweet mayo, they're so much better - the mayo balances the fries somehow.

Provenรงal mussels with fresh herbs, tomato, lemon zest and spiced ale
I feel like the last time we were here, the food was much better. The one thing that didn't change is the warm sourdough bread and dipping it in the provencal broth to make it tastier!

Spicy Red Thai with coconut chili broth, maudite, lemongrass, sweet peppers, lime leaf & cilantro
I've definitely had a better version of this before and this one was rather disappointing - the Spicy Red Thai broth wasn't that great with the sourdough bread either (it was a little too spicy for the doughy bread).  Also the size of the mussels:
We asked the manager about them and he said that these were the sizes provided but that they made sure that they gave us a pound of mussels each.  I thought this was a bit of a rip off and it kinda put a damper on the whole meal. I mean - they were the size of a small lemon! Granted it was probably because they were seasonal, but yikes! So mediocre. 

May 2, 2014
When given the choice between a glass of wine or a pint of beer, I will definitely admit that I"m a beer drinker rather than a wine connoisseur. And while in the past I wasn't a big fan of beer flavoured food, I have a much better appreciation for it now after eating at the Beer Bistro.
Beer Bistro

Poached Pear Pizza with caramelized leeks, l'ermite blue cheese and parmesan cream sauce
The flatbread pizza crust was thin and crispy with large chunks of softened poached pear on top and a nice cheesy sauce. It worked really well together.

Coq au biere
Coq au Biere: Maredsous braised chicken, woodland mushrooms, tarragon, creme fraiche dumpling
I really enjoyed the beer spin on the coq au vin - it's such a classic French dish with a twist. The chicken was tender and delicious and really absorbed the flavours well as did the dumplings from the earthy mushrooms, salty bacon and slightly sour beer.

 IMAG3999 IMAG3998
Belgian White Mussels: Blanche de Chambly, garlic, parsley, lemon, cream
You can never go wrong with mussels & beer and the Belgian White mussels are definitely a classic at Beer Bistro. They're succulent, tasty and there's just something about the sweet mussels and sour beer combination that's makes it so delicious. 

Overall: A great beer-centric meal at Beer Bistro. I love the beer selection here and it's classier and nicer than Bier Markt down the street at the Esplanade. 

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