Sunday, 11 May 2014

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory - NYC

After a satisfying meal at Grimaldi's, we walked back down to the Waterfront to grab Ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (and snaps some pictures of the skyline at night)


Two Scoops - Vanilla Chocolate Chunk on the bottom and Peaches & Cream ice cream on the top $6
I don't think I was expecting was like 4 scoops of ice cream!
The peach was nice and light with chunks of peach in the ice cream - I kind of wish it had more flavour in comparison to the other flavours of ice cream, but it was subtly flavoured and creamy.
The vanilla chocolate chunk was good - simple and classic.

One Scoop - Coffee Ice Cream $4
The coffee ice cream was really nice - smooth and flavourful. It tasted more like a mocha ice cream than coffee, but it was good.

Overall: A nice treat after a long day walking! The line ups get a lot shorter the later you go. :D


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