Saturday, 14 June 2014

Korean Grill House

I love Korean BBQ and I used to have it way more frequently than I do now. I guess when you get older, people's tastes change and so has been the case with my friends. We've become foodies and forgot all our oldies but goodies. 

Personally, I love the lunch boxes here way better than the all-you-can-eat
They use better quality beef and chicken when they cook the lunchboxes, although the portions are a little smaller. (Prices went up since the last time I've been here)

Soup! It hasn't changed in years. Yay! 

Barbecue Beef lunchbox with daikon, rice, tofu and beansprouts
They make their own soy sauce in house (and it's delicious - sometimes I just eat the sticky white rice with the soy sauce because it's just that good). The beef was tender, very tasty and well-done. The daikon adds a slightly tangy taste to whet the appetite and the tofu were barely spicy. 

Barbecue chicken
The chicken was juicy and sweet with a nicely blackened skin. I think I'd prefer the beef over the chicken lunchbox though - the beef was just done better. 

Lemon tea
The lunch box meals all come with a tea or coffee depending on your preference. 

Overall: Great meal for $5.49 including tea, soup and a box with two appetizers, rice and your choice of meat. Good value for money and so tasty!

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