Thursday, 17 July 2014

Holiday Inn Express - Taoyuan

We arrived in Taiwan yesterday afternoon and were picked up by Grand Holidays Tours from the airport to start our tour of Taipei. The 8 day tour cost $299 and done mostly in Mandarin. The group was huge - 40 people and it was led by a 70 year old man (who was in great shape, but it's pretty stressful for one person to handle such a big group).
We started off our tour by taking the high speed train to Taipei from Taoyuan to see the National Palace Museum

However, before that, we had buffet breakfast at our hotel:
View from our room first thing in the morning



Chinese style with congee, soy bean milk, fried noodles, sponge cake, hash browns, ham and peppers
Everything was tasty - the soy bean milk was really good. The ham was a little odd tasting, but that was probably my only complaint. 

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