Saturday, 19 July 2014

Meinong Hakka Folk Village - Taiwan

We stopped in Meinong Hakka Folk Village for Hakka food and experience the Hakka culture. 
We had lunch at the Meinong Traditional Hakka Restaurant:


Lime water
(I was a little confused whether this was a drink or a hand-washing bowl at first until the waitress came around with cups and tea). I thought their tiny limes were really cute! I would have rather drank the lime water than used it for hand-washing (or maybe it could have made a good key lime pie?)


Bantiao Noodles with bean sprouts, green onions, black pepper
Before this experience, I always associated Hakka food with being very spicy and it was only until I was in Taiwan did I realize that Hakka cuisine isn't spicy at all, but it's pretty flavourful. 

IMAG4496  IMAG4497
Steamed fish, stir-fried intestines and radish

Deep fried yam roll and a spicy tofu and pork strip stir-fry
Both dishes were tasty and good. It's definitely different from the Indian Hakka cuisine I've tried in Canada. 

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