Thursday, 24 July 2014

Modern China Restaurant - Hong Kong

We went back to Hong Kong Island for dinner at the highly recommended Modern China Restaurant in Times Square:
IMAG4651 IMAG4653

Fried Mantou
We got off on a good start with the doughy fried mantou with the sweet evaporated milk. Mmm!

Five Spiced Beef with Noodle Soup
I found it really interesting that it was served as two separate components rather than one big dish with the beef in the noodle soup. I guess they didn`t want to mix the flavours. The beef was very good.
Wo Tip (Pan Fried Dumplings)
These were nicely folded with lots of meat and soup inside and a crispy bottom. I really liked them.

These xiaolongbao were really good! Lots of soup and they passed the stem test! I thought these were really nicely wrapped and presented.

Shanghai Style Twisted Rolls
I found these fun to look at, but nothing special in taste. 

Shanghai Fried Noodles and Chicken soup with Whelk and Melon
The chicken soup with whelk and melon was very well-done! So delicious and so much flavour! 
The Shanghai noodles were okay - there was a little too much soy sauce which made it too salty.

Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice
Awful. We only ordered one bowl and we left all of it behind since it didn`t suit our tastes at all. 

Overall: A great Chinese restaurant with lots of Northern Chinese dishes (and reasonably priced).  

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