Monday, 14 July 2014

Mt. Seoraksan National Park & Nami Island - South Korea

Next on our itinerary was the Mount Seoraksan National Park which was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Preservation District:
Gorgeous day!
Sinheungsa (Buddha temple)

Lunch was in the city of Chuncheon:

This chicken dish is famous in Korea

Cabbage, seasoned chicken and lettuce and optional rice cakes
Mixed with hot sauce (which makes everything taste better in Korea)

Our tour guide told us the proper way to eat this is to wrap the chicken, rice cake, rice and cabbage mix in a lettuce leaf.
This was good even without the lettuce wrap. Very tasty and my appreciation for Korean hot sauce is improving with every meal.

In the afternoon, we went to Nami Island where they filmed many scenes for the Korean drama, Winter Sonata.
It was really peaceful, almost tranquil (if you can overlook the boatload of tourists coming to visit the island)

We eventually made it back to Seoul for dinner

Ginseng chicken soup
Really delicious! Easily my favourite meal in South Korea so far!
The soup was very tasty with the Korean ginseng, garlic, ginger and green onions. Every bowl got their own chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng and mushrooms. The noodles were also really good since they soaked in the flavour from the broth. Yummy!

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