Sunday, 27 July 2014

Muji Snacks - Hong Kong

 Muji is a Japanese retail store with lot of cool things like clothing, household items, stationary and snacks (like Baumkuchen)
I was so excited to see pre-packaged baumkuchen (even though I know it's not going to taste nowhere as good as Nenrinya's fresh baumkuchen)
And I got strawberry marshmallows just because they're cool!

I really liked the orange baumkuchen and the lemon straight baumkuchen
The chocolate and salted caramel ones were pretty forgetable.
The baumkuchens were pretty dense compared to Nenrinya's - it's like they were made of different ingredients.
However, they were super cheap compared to the other brands, so I thought it was okay. 

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