Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nice Invitation - Hong Kong

We were in Sheung Shui for dim sum at Nice Invitation on the top floor of the mall.

Fried tofu skin roll
I liked this fried tofu skin roll with the crunchy skin on the outside, shrimp and vegetables inside and soy sauce to dip.

Fried noodles with chicken and bean sprouts
A big portion of noodles with the crunchy chow mein on the bottom and the sauce, chicken and beansprouts on top. 

Siu yuk (roasted pork), Fried rice, siu mai, fried noodles, dumplings
Mmmm typical dim sum lunch! The siu yuk was really good as was the siu mai! The fried rice and chow mein were okay. 

Overall: Pretty good dim sum at Nice Invitation - it`s a huge restaurant and it was pretty packed on this Thursday morning. 

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