Saturday, 12 July 2014

Seoul (Day 1) - South Korea

We booked a 6 day tour for $199 to visit Seoul, Korea with Nexus Tours
The first full day of the tour got off to a good start with a bus trip out of Seoul to Imjingak to see the Korean Demilitarized Zone (and see North Korea from a distance). 
View of North Korea (across the river) 
Fenced Area with peace ribbons
The bridge across to North Korea (they also had a Heritage Train on display).

Afterwards, we went to the Cheongwadae (Korean Presidential residence) and Gyeongbokgung (The Palace) 

We were relying on the tour guides to take us around places (since we don't understand Korean) and the tour company chose our restaurants without really telling us the names (so most of the restaurants on the tour are "nameless" to me).

 Side dishes
Pork meat, enoki mushrooms, Chinese mushrooms, carrots, tofu strips, scallions and cloud ear fungus
The hot pot was okay - rather bland until you added soy sauce or hot sauce. Surprisingly, the hot sauce in Korea isn't very hot and it's flavourful (otherwise a lot of their dishes would be really bland).

Funnily enough, dinner was hot-pot again:
They look almost exactly the same right? But this one had octopus! haha
Again - I wouldn't know what I would have used to season it without the hot sauce.

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