Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tim Ho Wan - Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan is famous for being a one-star Michelin dim sum restaurant, so we were pretty excited to try the North Point location:

They're known for their baked bun with BBQ pork, vermicelli roll stuffed with pork liver, pan fried turnip cake and steamed egg cake
The baked bun with BBQ pork
It's a "Mexican Bun" with BBQ pork inside instead of the typical BBQ pork bun. I liked the combination of the sweet topping with the juicy and flavourful BBQ inside.

Har Gow
Nicely done with a thin wrapper and lots of tasty shrimp inside.

Chicken and mushroom rice and a lo mai gai (steamed sticky rice with chicken in a lotus leaf).
The rice dishes were huge, especially the lo mai gai. However, it wasn't very good - I thought it was weird that there was an egg in the lo mai gai (I usually don't see it in lo mai gai since it's more of a Zongzi thing). The chicken and mushroom rice was good though.

 Siu Mai

Overall: Okay dim sum at the North Point Tim Ho Wan location, but nothing really exceptional (or one star worthy). Service was really fast  and the turnover was quick which was good since this place was pretty popular even at 2:30pm.

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