Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tsui Wah Restaurant @ HK Airport - Hong Kong

Here we are at Hong Kong Airport!

Waiting for our flight home...
We grabbed a late lunch before boarding our 15 hour flight:
IMAG4710  IMAG4711 
A super popular Hong Kong style cafe chain, but they also served a lot more Chinese food than a normal cha chan teng. 

Hainanese Chicken Rice
 The chicken was juicy and flavourful and the soy sauce was more like the soy sauce they used in Singapore and the other sauce was spicy and a great complement to the chicken. I loved the chicken stock flavoured rice - it's always my favourite part of the Hainan chicken rice dish.

Beef Brisket noodle
Really good and very filling despite it's appearance in the cup/bowl.

Malaysian Beef Brisket Curry with Rice and milk tea
The chain is known for this dish and it's no wonder! It had the same seasoning and flavour as the curries we had in Malaysia with a lower level of heat (that or my spicy tolerance increased since last year). So delicious! The beef brisket was super tender and the potatoes soaked up the curry flavour so well - just fantastic to eat!

Overall: Great quick service Hong Kong style cafe! You've definitely got to try the Malaysia Beef Brisket Curry - it's delicious and authentic!

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