Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Kekou Gelato House

My coworker and I were looking for a good dessert place and I came across Kekou Gelato House which serves Durian gelato!!!
I think Durian's actually pretty good if you can get past the stinky smell.
I couldn't wait to see what it would taste like in gelato form!
Unfortunately it was a little cold today and after our brisk walk to Baldwin Village, I was in the mood for Vietnamese coffee instead of Gelato. I did sample the durian gelato and it was slightly less pungent, but still distinctive. However, I usually enjoy durian with the texture and flavour of the fruit and because it was missing the same texture of durian (since it was a iced treat), it just didn't translate into the same experience for me. Definitely very cool though!
Soursop and Spicy Mango
My coworker ended up getting the soursop and spicy mango gelatos and they were really good! There were some chili flakes in the mango and the soursop was a nice complement to the spiciness.
Overall: Really great exotic Asian flavours of gelato at Kekou Gelato House and they're always changing up their menu. The Viet Coffee is also a must try!
Website:  http://kekou.ca/

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