Tuesday, 6 January 2015

North Express

January 6, 2015
This place has become one of my go-to spots when I'm in the area.
And they finally have a take-out menu! 

I think the prices are a little cheaper than North next door, but I'm not too sure since I've only ever eaten at North Express.

Massive Sandwiche for $6.95 (excluding tax)
It's a little bigger than a foot long sub.

So colourful! There's tabbouleh, cabbage, sauteed onions, kobideh (of course), hummus, babaganoush and more in this deliciously tasty sandwiche.
It's definitely got some tangy-ness and a tiny hint of sourness, but it's nothing overpowering and there's so many veggies packed in. Delicious!

November 1, 2014


Chicken shawarma sandwich
Also on a fresh laffa and with all the accompaniments
This time they were much quicker at serving us and preparing our orders. However, I think they haven't quite worked out all the issues with their dry chicken yet because the chicken shawarma sandwich (despite having a lot of sauce from the hummus, babaganoush and tahini) was still really dry. Conclusion: I think the Koobideh is the go-to sandwich at North Express.

October 28, 2014

Ever since I ate at Taftan Kebab, Persian food has been on my mind and I recalled that my coworkers mentioned that there was a place near Yonge and Steeles called North that served really good Persian food. So the next time I was in the area, I decided to grab dinner at North (Shomal). 
We were all set to walk in the restaurant when I noticed that there was a store next to it called North Express serving take-out of the North menu items. They recently opened a few days before we dropped by - so we had excellent timing to try out their new offerings. The menu probably isn't as extensive as next door's, but they had cheap sandwiches and lunch/dinner specials.
Koobideh sandwich on a freshly made laffa
Kobideh sandwich
I put a little of everything into my sandwich: marinated olives, eggplant, tabbouleh, babaganoush, hummus, beets, tomatoes and cabbage salad.
And it was all delicious! A little tangy from all the accompaniments which offset the doughy bread and I thought it made the koobideh (which is a Persian minced meat kebab) stand out more.
Chicken Breast Lunch Box
Chicken Breast Lunch Box
I think this might have been been better in concept than execution. The vegetables were simply steamed and lightly seasoned - but they didn't survive the journey home. Unfortunately, it tasted like they absorbed the smell of the plastic from the container as did the chicken. The chicken was also really dry after the trip home. The only thing intact was the salad.

Overall: We kind of wrote off the lunch box, but the sandwich was fantastic! The service was a little slow, but it's understandable since they recently opened and weren't really sure how to run the take-out counter yet. We will definitely be back for more sandwiches because the koobideh we had was delicious and great value for money. 

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