Saturday, 31 January 2015

Green Grotto Tea Room

We had a few hours to kill so we headed to Green Grotto to have some bubble tea and play some games.
It's a great hangout/study place with free wifi and free popcorn, so there were plenty of students and groups hanging out here. 
Even though it was so cold and snowy outside, we went for cold drinks:
Hokkaido Specialty Milk Black Tea
This Hokkaido bubble tea was REALLY GOOD! It was rich in flavour with this great sweet cream taste. However, it wasn't super sweet or anything, rather it hit that perfect balance. I would definitely recommend this drink here. 

Okinawa Brown Sugar Specialty Milk Black Tea
It was similar to the Hokkaido bubble tea, but it was made with brown sugar instead of white sugar (according to the waitress). I found this tea actually sweeter than the Hokkaido tea and it had this very slight hint of burnt flavour. It was good, but in comparison to the Hokkaido tea, it fell short. 

Overall: Great place to hang out (which probably explains all the Asian girls), study (lots of students with laptops) or play games (but you have to BYOG - bring your own games). The service was really good too - they kept bringing us popcorn whenever we asked and the drinks were really good. 

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