Friday, 16 January 2015

Joons Korean Cuisine

Joons' Special Dakgalbee is what they're known for here:
Dakgalbee is a Korean hot plate dish made with chicken and cabbage. According to Wikipedia , it's a popular dish for University students since it's cheap and there's a lot of it. Eureka! It makes sense that it's at the Annex right next to U of T. At Joons, you can order additional toppings for $2 each like rice cakes, sweet potatoes, cheese and noodles. 

Original Spicy Dakgalbee for two with chicken and assorted seafood (baby octopus, mussels and shrimp) and additional toppings of cheese, sweet potatoes and noodles
It's so good! The chili pepper paste adds flavour to the whole dish and just makes it work so well together. The sweet potatoes are fantastic at absorbing the flavour of the dish and the cheese and noodles actually also make a huge difference in the taste of the Dakgalbee. 

Overall: Awesome cheap meal at Joons as usual. A definite must try if you're in Koreatown!

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