Monday, 16 February 2015

Garrett's Popcorn - Chicago

Chicago Mix Popcorn
Small Bag of Chicago Mix
Surprisingly huge bag for a "small bag" of popcorn - Good Value! 
I like the concept of sweet and cheesy popcorn and I can totally see why it's one of Chicago's best foods because sweet and savoury are delicious together. 
Now, Garrett's is one of those reputable popcorn places (and they're EVERYWHERE in Chicago). We both agreed that we needed to bring some home for family, friends and coworkers to try - so we bought two bags. The popcorn lasts 2 days - so we made sure to eat it fast. 
The caramel was really good - if very sweet. However, the cheese popcorn was weird tasting - like cheetos with butter. I could sort of see how this combination works, but I wasn't really a fan of them together since the caramel tasted sweeter with the cheese popcorn and the cheese popcorn was a little greasy and strange. 

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