Thursday, 5 February 2015

Le Papillion on Front

Winterlicious Season is back! This year I kicked it off with Le Papillion's $25 Winterlicious menu:
(*Items I would recommend and/or order again)
Escargot with sauteed leek, cream sauce and croustinis
The best way to eat snails is with butter or this way with a heavy and strong cream sauce to accompany the slightly chewy snails. 

Filet of Salmon - baked salmon stuffed with sauteed leek and mushroom and a baby shrimp brandy sauce, rice and vegetables
When I ordered this, I was actually hoping for the salmon to be baked in a pastry with leek and mushroom. I turned out that it was a piece of salmon wrapped around some mushrooms and leeks. The salmon was still tasty, but I think the mushrooms and leeks ruined it for me - it made it awkward to eat it and I didn't like that the salmon skin was still on it. The rest of the dish was fine: the baby shrimp brandy sauce was nice as were the rice and veggies. 

Duck leg confit with a wild berry sauce and vegetables
The duck leg had a nice crispy skin outside with nice juicy dark meat inside. It was very well done.

Traditional Cheesecake with berry coulis on top
I really liked this cheesecake - it had a great crust and the cheesecake wasn't too dense and heavy. 

Overall: A nice three course French meal for $25 with good service and good food. 

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