Thursday, 19 March 2015

Richmond Station

Ever since it opened in 2012, I've always kept Richmond Station in the back of my mind as a place to try eventually.  For some reason or another, it just never worked out in the past (either my friends' schedules wouldn't match up, or I couldn't make the reservation in time for our group, or something else would come up).  I finally got them all together for a birthday celebration. 
If I didn't know to look for it, I might have thought Richmond Station was a tunnel to the Go Station or Parking Lot or something. 

Charcuterie Board
Beautiful presentation, but rather small portions for our table to share.

Muscovy Duck
Duck was nicely done, but rather on the expensive side for just a leg.

Braised Beef Ravioli
Yummy and pretty!

Brown Butter Poached Halibut
A lot of flavours and textures on this plate.

Stn. Burger

Sticky Toffee Cake
Interesting presentation - but I wasn't sold on this dessert.


Dark Chocolate Mousse

Overall: I found it to be a novelty to eat at Top Chef Canada Carl Heinrich's restaurant. The food was all plated beautifully, but I don't think the dishes or the experience really stood out for me. It was nice, but I found that the meal was rather on the pricey side and not particularly filling.

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