Saturday, 7 October 2017

Metro @ Bayview and York Mills

October 7, 2017 
Metro is offering a promotion this week: Three topping large pizza for $9.99. The toppings are also a lot more substantial than most pizza places - so I jumped on this deal! 
Top pizza: chicken strips, mixed peppers (green and red) and sausage (a little spicy)
Bottom: Chicken, ground beef and mushrooms
I really like their pizza crust at Metro - it's delicious and when they bake it long enough in the oven, there's a nice crispy bottom. They also put a lot of toppings, cheese and sauce on their pizzas which is great! I prefer this to the chain restaurants like Pizza Pizza and Dominos. 

May 9, 2017
Metro is a grocery store in Canada and they have a Fresh2Go daily special every day of the work week (Monday to Friday). Wednesday is the 16 inch pizza with cheese or pepperoni. 
Pepperoni pizza
They have a really good dough - which makes a really good crust and they have a good pizza oven to get the nice even crispy crust all around. The pizza was really good and it was only $7.99 (a steal)!

November 6, 2015
Unfortunately, the prices for the 3 topping panzerotti have gone up - but only by $1 (so it's now $6).

This was the cutest panzerotti I've ever seen and I had to take a photo and post it. 
It's so perfectly shaped and folded. Also, delicious as usual! 

April 16, 2015
I'm so glad that Metro is still running the $5 for a 3 topping Panzerotti promotion! 
I was passing by this Metro and I picked up a $5 panzerotti (and this time I took a picture of the size of it compared to a pen)

So much tomato sauce, chicken, ground beef, onions and cheese in this panzarotti! 

Still delicious and still worth the trip here! 

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