Friday, 15 May 2015

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

My friends and I had tickets to the Opera starting around 7 giving us some time to kill after work.
We weren’t particularly hungry, so we thought we could check out the Japanese Cheesecake place that everyone's been raving about (and it's known for having an hour line up).
We lined up for an hour and a half on the wet dreary day. When we got to the front, we found out that it wasn’t actually the cheesecakes people were waiting for - it was the madeleines which were the hold-up/bottleneck. The staff were baking their miniature sponge cakes out of one tiny oven.

Since I was here, I figured I'd get the maximum amount of madeleines and cheesecakes (i.e. 6 madeleines and 1 cheesecake). 

It's reasonably priced at $10. 
The cheesecake was soft and fluffy - almost sponge-like but more moist. 
And I really didn't like it.
I found the texture and taste strange and foreign. It didn't have the typical cheesecake characteristics in that it wasn't creamy, decadent or particularly tasty in any way shape or form.

I like cheesecakes with strong flavours (caramel, nuts, chocolate, strawberry, etc.) or a good fruit sauce or chocolate on top - so to go from that to a blandish cake was a pretty drastic change.
I love the richness of cheesecake and the versatility of flavours you can make it with → like the Cheesecake Factory cakes. I couldn't even finish this one cheesecake after I took it home - it was just too weird for me.

The Madeleines 
These little cakes were very dry and also rather bland tasting. I would definitely not recommend the madeleines either.

Overall: I think Toronto is a little divided by the Cheesecakes (some people love it and others don't), but I know I won't be lining up for it for myself.

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