Sunday, 21 June 2015

Taste of Italy

Toronto has a lot of festivals to celebrate all the different ethnic cultures and cuisines. I've been to Taste of Danforth in previous years, but not Taste of Italy.  So this year, we decided to check it out. 
We picked up some Italian specialties like arancini (stuffed fried rice balls), cannoli and gelato
Arancini, cannoli and cream puff
The cannoli and cream puff had light, fluffy and airy cream, but they weren't particularly tasty (or perhaps the flavours weren't strong enough) - instead they were just sweet.  I prefer my cannoli and cream puff to have stronger flavours and more depth. 

Dolce Gelato
Strawberry & pistachio and nutella & pistachio
The gelato was good and a nice cold treat on such a hot day. 

Overall: The festival is much smaller than Taste of Danforth and there wasn't as much to see or do on College.  There were a lot of live music acts which was kinda nice. 

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