Saturday, 15 August 2015

Asian Legend @ Don Mills and Eglinton

I've known about the new Asian Legend here for a while, but I haven't really had the chance to check it out.  When my brother told me that he went and that the food was pretty good, I decided I wanted to try it too. 

Pork Potstickers (Wor Tip or Jiaozi)
The potstickers had that just fried crispy outer skin and the inside was packed with lots of meat.  Yummy! I like a little bit more balance in general with my potstickers (less meat and a bit more dough), but these were really good. 

Steamed soup dumplings - these just barely scraped by the "stem" test. They didn't break when you lifted it by the stem proving that the skin was sturdy enough to hold the soup and the ground pork dumpling. These were pretty good too! 

Rolled Onion Pancake with Sliced Beef
This is one of my favourite Chinese snacks! There's savoury sliced beef, delicious unleavened pancake with green onion baked in and sauce! It just works so well together and this Asian Legend's version was really good! Maybe not the best I've had, but definitely second to none. 

Pan Fried Pork Buns
I usually get the potstickers or the xiaolongbao over these because I don't like too much dough with my dumplings - but these were like little buns instead with a lot more dough and less soup inside.  I liked the crispy bottom and the fact that some of the meat soaked into the bun inside. 

A Taiwanese version rather than a Northern Chinese version. It was a lot of sauce, which is perfect! However, I still felt like something was lacking a bit from it - I think I would have like a bit more of a kick to it or some kind of stronger flavour. 

Sesame Biscuit Stuffed with Sliced Beef
We ordered this just to try it out - but we probably should have skipped it. 

Overall: Great meal at Asian Legend @ Don Mills and Eglinton - I definitely prefer this location over the Finch and Leslie location and the Sheppard and Brimley location.  The food is still a little pricier, but the quality and service are better here. 

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