Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fish & Chip Place - Tobermory

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Singing Sands Beach and the Path to the Grotto
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Halfway Rock Point and the Grotto
We grabbed lunch at the "home of the Tobermory Fish Taco" restaurant Fish & Chip Place.
Instead of sitting down, we decided to go around the back and do take-out:
20150829_172024 20150829_172120
Fish Taco
The description said "crispy bits served on a soft tortilla with shredded cabbage, tangy white sauce, salsa and garnished with a lime" for $5.95
This was a rather large fish was more like a wrap, but with tiny pieces of crunchy batter (and a little fish) and some thrown together cabbage and store-bought salsa. Also, there was no heat to the taco - so there really wasn't a point in the lime wedge. What a huge disappointment. 

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