Saturday, 29 August 2015

Peninsula Supply Ice Cream Parlour - Tobermory

Picturesque Tobermory! 
20150829_113632 20150829_123952
Tobermory's Little Tug Harbour and the beach near Halfway Log Dump
20150829_124652 20150829_124816
On the shores of Georgian Bay
20150829_125539 20150829_150718
White beach near Halfway Log Dump and Little Cove
Absolutely stunning and only 5 hours from Toronto! :)

Tobermory is busiest from May - October (and all the stores operate based on that schedule too) - so it can get pretty crowded here on the weekend:
The Peninsula Supply Ice Cream Parlour is one of two ice cream places in town.

Their specialty is the Bruce Wheel with your choice of two cookies and a scoop of ice cream in the middle:
Double chocolate cookie and chocolate chip cookie with salted caramel cashew toffee ice cream sandwiched in the middle.
Pretty good - it would have been even more amazing if the cookies were fresh from the oven (but then again the ice cream would melt immediately).  The ice cream was really good! Definitely an interesting flavour and really yummy with just the right level of sweetness from the salted caramel and toffee and it was offset with the salty cashews and less sweetened vanilla ice cream.
Side view
It was a little messy to eat, but really delightful overall! (The chocolate chip cookie was better than the double chocolate).

White chocolate macadamia nut cookie and chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.

Chocolate chip cookie and double chocolate cookie with skor ice cream

Overall: Great place for an ice cream sandwich! Tobermory does become a bit of a tourist trap in the summer, but this would be one place I'd gladly come back to! The ice cream and cookies were great! 

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