Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Amazon Wildlife Tour (Day 1) - Manu Jungle, Peru

We went to the town of Huancarani and Paucamtambo with Amazon Wildlife Tours to see the Manu Jungle
DSC05861 DSC05875
We got our first breakfast at this snack bar
Chicken Sandwich 
Relatively simple sandwich - although it didn't really taste like any chicken pattie I've had - I think it was a mix of meat and spices. 

Some fresh fruit from the market
Passionfruit, some apple/pear thing only in Peru and some "cherries" which weren't really cherries.

Then more driving: 
Lunch al Fresco in the Jungle

Chicken, green and yellow bean and carrot salad with a yuca on the side. 
Pretty good - if a little underseasoned. 

More driving before finally getting to our Amazon Jungle Lodge for dinner: 
OMG this was some of the best bread I've ever had! It was harder on the outside and soft and fluffy inside and it was really tasty! (Our tour guides picked it up somewhere along the way out of Cusco)

Quinoa Soup
Fried Amazon River fish
Lots of little bones (which my friends all ate without choking - but given my problems with fish bones, I spent some extra time eating this), but it was really good! 
Fried Rice...a little green
There was a lot of queso, but I had no idea what this was. 

Cucumber, cheese and tomatoes

The meals with Amazon Wildlife Tour weren't as amazing as Alpaca, but they were okay. This was a lot of travelling by bus - so we were kind of exhausted too. 

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