Thursday, 1 October 2015

Amazon Wildlife Tour (Day 3) - Peru

Putting our feet up at the Bird Watching site (the muddy wall up ahead is Parrot Clay Lick)
Apparently the parrots eat the clay here to detoxify the poison from the berries and nuts they eat in the Amazon rainforest. 

We had breakfast of that delicious bread again:
So flaky on the outside with the crust and so soft and fluffy inside...yum (and it can keep for days!)

Then we got pancakes with dulce de leche syrup and designs! 

After that, it was time to drive back to Cusco, but on the way we made a detour to see the Animal Sanctuary:
DSC05983 DSC05995
A parrot with a damaged tail feather (meaning he can't fly and protect himself from predators) and some adorable baby hogs. 

Then we had lunch on our way back:
Quinoa with sausage and egg - it was like fried rice, but better! A simple and delicious meal. 

Then we headed back to Paucartambo:

We got some snacks:
DSC06004 DSC06006
The ice cream was 50 cents! We could barely believe it! The ice cream was pretty colourful - but tasted kind of like vanilla. 
Tres Leche cake
Pretty good - but rather sweet.  I really like the dulce de leche sauce! 

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