Saturday, 28 November 2015

Macau Portuguese Food

Update: Jan 2016 - Location has been closed 
(They were an older couple who ran the Food Court Stall and I think they retired.  I'm super sad about the fact that I won't get to eat their amazing Portuguese Chicken and Baked Chicken Spaghetti anymore since they have seriously raised the bar for Macanese cuisine for me).

November 28, 2015
I actually regularly come here for their Baked Chicken Spaghetti and Portuguese Chicken (if I were to blog every time I went - my blog would just be overwhelmed by the same pictures all the time). 
Stir Fry Noodles and Baked Chicken Spaghetti in Tomato (Ketchup) sauce
Delicious and so tasty...every time I come here, I think about whether I should ask for their secret recipe for their ketchup sauce and Portuguese sauce (which is usually curry powder and coconut milk) because they make the best sauces of both that I've ever had. 

January 8, 2012

The Menu

Macau Portuguese Food is located inside the mall in the Food Court area (meaning super fast service and really cheap prices!). I have no idea how they prepare so much food in such little time, but you could order - do a quick lap around the mall to check out the latest cruise deals, vacation deals, buy egg tarts at the popular bakery or just pick up groceries for your next meal - and voilĂ  when you get back - they're waiting with your take-out order!

Portuguese Chicken in Macau Style
A little background is in order since you definitely can't find something like this in Portugal: Macau was a Portuguese trader settlement in China until they returned the city back over to China in 1999. So even though Macau is part of China, over the years, they've incorporated a lot of Portuguese influence in their culture and cuisine (called Macanese). 

Portuguese Chicken (Called Po Kok Gai in Cantonese) is a mild curry with cream sauce and Portuguese ingredients. In this case, there's chorizo sausage, olives, onions, hardboiled eggs and green & red peppers.
This was AMAZING! This take-out place is really well-known for their Portuguese chicken and it's no wonder when you actually try it! The sauce is creamy but not too heavy and in combination with the rice, it really builds up an appetite - it's like once you start eating, you can't stop! My favourite parts are the boneless chicken pieces, small-cut potatoes (wow do the potatoes ever soak up the flavour of the sauce) and the red & green peppers and onions which add a sweetness to the whole curry. 
It's fantastic together and such a good deal for only $5.25 (excl. Tax)

Tofu in African Sauce

A perfect example of fusion: Tofu + African sauce. I wasn't sure what African sauce since I've never heard of it, but I decided to start out small and try it on Tofu. (It also helps that Tofu with African Sauce was $1 compared to African Chicken Steak which was like an entire meal with rice for $5.30). 
The sauce was interesting and quite good! It had peanut oil, chilli peppers (but it wasn't spicy), garlic and a lot of spices (that I couldn't identify). 

Baked Chicken Spaghetti

For the people who know my food habits well, I LOVE Chinese "Ketchup" Spaghetti! And this place does the BEST Baked Chicken Spaghetti I've ever had and it's such a good deal for $5.99! It's my favourite place to have this meal because the chicken is ABMT: abundant, boneless, moist and tender. The ketchup spaghetti is fantastic - the sauce isn't too sweet (meaning that they never over-do the ketchup) and it's still savoury like tomato sauce. There's also enough sauce in the dish to cover each part of each strand of spaghetti (a must in my book). Absolutely delicious (even if it doesn't look the most appealing)!

One of my favourite good food and cheap eats! 

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. - Warkworth, ON

I felt like I discovered Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. last year when I went to the Season's Christmas Show.  And I was a little disappointed when I went to the Christmas show this year and didn't see them exhibiting.  So on my next trip to Kingston, we detoured to Warkworth to see if we could grab some cookies!
They have the cutest storefront and inside they had a ton of samples for us to try out all the flavours and figure out which ones to buy. 

They had the same deal as the shows: $20 for 4 boxes of cookies (here are some of the flavours we got - we actually bought 8 boxes)
Raspberry, Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Lemon Zest and Classic
First of all: their shortbread cookies are the best I've ever had! I like a nice firm and not too crumbly cookie packed with flavour and boy, do they ever deliver!  Personally, I prefer the sweet cookies over the savoury cookies like cheddar or rosemary and I'm a huge fan of the seasonal cookies like raspberry and apricot. They have this great way of combining the flavours with their delicious bite sized cookies without compromising their cookie texture (which is that perfect firmness, but crumbly when you bite into it). 
My favourites are the chocolate chip and classic, however, I wanted to mix up my cookie boxes with some other flavours.  Based on my taste test, I decided to grab the lemon zest which had a nice sweet lemon profile and ginger because it's interesting and unique. 

Overall: I would highly recommend a detour here for their delicious shortbread cookies in Warkworth, or you can catch them at a Trade Show. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015


November 22, 2015
I was here a little while ago picking up a cake for a friend's party and they had a pistachio cake that caught my eye from La Patisserie in Kitchener.  However, when I came back, I wasn't able to find the same pistachio cake (apparently the selection varies since it's dependent on the supplier). 
There was this pistachio and raspberry cake instead, so I gave it a try. 
It was okay - the combination of raspberry and pistachio can't really go wrong, but this cake had a lot of cream which took away from the flavours.

January 2, 2012
 McEwan is a gourmet grocery store stocked with (1) fresh groceries and (2) prepared foods by renown Torontonian Chef Mark McEwan. McEwan is the restaurateur behind Bymark (home of the $35 hamburger), North 44, One and Fabbrica (across the street from McEwan at Shops at Don Mills). Sometimes on the weekends, they set up sampling stations and you get to try the awesome food! Examples include: samosas, curries, Reuben sandwiches, chutneys on crackers, tzatziki sauce (they have the most amazing tzatziki sauce! it's $7.99 for a little box but it's delish!), guacamole, etc. 

Today - we did sushi! This was the spicy tuna roll and it was tightly wrapped and delectable! The sushi here is fantastic for store-bought sushi (but with a reputation like Mark McEwan's they definitely need to keep up the standard). It was also reasonably priced at $7.99

We love their purple rice sushi here! It's colourful, fun and very good (even though they were only cucumber)! The purple colour is not just colouring - there's something unique about the way it tastes and it's supposed to be more nutritional than white rice. The cucumber rolls were $4.49 - a decent price for McEwan's food.

Conclusion: Definitely try the sushi here if you're in the neighbourhood! It's quick, easy and reasonably priced. If you're not happy with the selection - you can always request to make your own sushi rolls from the sushi chef who's always there. 


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Zet's Restaurant

November 21, 2015
Zet's went through a bit of re-branding and changed their colours! The theme is now black and gold. 

We decided to try some other stuff on their menu (since we usually get the burgers). 
Chicken Souvlaki Dinner
It was a huge portion for $15! The grilled chicken breast was super juicy and delicious and together with their spreadable tzatziki sauce - it was fantastic.  The salad was really fresh too with lots of feta and the potatoes and rice were great compliments to the whole meal. So good! 

November 22, 2014
Finally! I've been meaning to come back to Zet's for years! (1) Because whenever I talk about burgers, I somehow always bring up Zet's and (2) They have amazing burgers and they make it even better with their tzatziki sauce. The problem? They're in Mississauga near the airport which is pretty far for me. Despite all my trips, I'm always in too much of a rush to and from the airport to actually swing by Zet's and grab a meal.
8oz homeburger
8oz Homeburger
The classic! A huge burger patty with fresh ingredients and a butter and toasted bun. And of course I got the Tzatziki sauce which just made it so much better! It's still as good as I remember! The prices went up a bit, but the portions are the same gigantic size.

Banquet burger with cheese and bacon
Banquet Burger with cheese and bacon

October 23, 2011
(Photo courtesy of Google Streetview)

I LOVE Zet's!! It's a super far drive for me to get there but it's totally worth the long trip out to Pearson airport for their burgers and chicken souvlaki. They make a great Tzatziki sauce and you can put the sauce on your burger too! (I substitute it for mayonnaise and ketchup in my burger). The portions are HUGE and you really get bang for your buck there. A hamburger (with a 5 oz patty) is $3.80 and a 8 oz Homeburger is $5.50 and they're put on massive toasted buns and garnished just the way you like it (don't forget the Tzatziki sauce!!!). The chicken souvlaki is $13.95 but it's huge! you have a separate plate of salad and these massive overgrown potatoes (double the size of Jimmy the Greek's).

Overall: I definitely recommend this place. It's super convenient if you're ever near the International Center or just near the airport - it's open 24 hours and it's quick service, what more could you ask for???
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Monday, 16 November 2015

Yummy Bar-B-Q

I came here with a co-worker for lunch and I was feeling a little sick, so I decided to get the Pork Bone Soup rather than one of the specials. 
Pork bone soup
The only thing spicy about it was the fact that they added chili flakes to the soup, because other than that, it was barely spicy at all and it wasn't particularly flavourful either.  There was a lot of pork bone and a lot of soup, but I've had better in other Korean places (or even Galleria Supermarket). 
It was kind of cool that they gave us tofu as a side dish. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Kathmandu Restaurant

My friend and I bought the $20 Groupon for the lunch buffet for two people at Kathmandu Restaurant.  It was a pretty reasonable deal for lunch and it would be our first experience with Nepalese food.

The restaurant was located in Yorkville and the buffet section was tucked inside the restaurant:

Clockwise from top left: Tandoori Chicken, saag paneer, butter chicken, goat curry, rice, vegetable curry
The butter chicken was awesome, but there wasn't as much Nepalese food offered at the buffet.

My round two with a lot more butter chicken and goat curry and also some eggplant dish
The food was good, but rather heavy.

We were so stuffed from the curries that we could barely eat dessert. Also, Indian desserts are known to be really sweet - so we only took a bit of each.  They were interesting and not as sweet as we thought, but probably not something I would eat frequently.

Overall: Even though we didn't get as much Nepalese food as we wanted, I thought they had decent Indian food. 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Milestones @ Yorkdale Shopping Mall

I think the Yorkdale Mall Milestones is probably the best Milestones I've tried. The food is always consistently good and the service is really quick.  Also the ambiance inside is really nice. 
I'm not really sure why the centre of the bun was burnt....but the burger was juicy and it was good. 

Seafood Linguine
It was pretty good, but the dish felt a little heavy (maybe msg in the dish?).  The garlic bread was a little strange looking, but tasted okay.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Burrito Bandidos

November 5, 2015
Looking back at my old blog entry, I realized that I've actually had burritos from Burrito Bandidos quite a few times in between.  I've just been a little too lazy to blog every time. :)
Steak and Shrimp burrito bowl 
Every since I've discovered the burrito bowl, I can't help always coming back to it. With a burrito, it's like you're dependent on how the staff pack your burrito and it's all encased in one massive hand-held wrap. In a bowl, you have control over how you want to eat your burrito bowl (or box in this case). It's just so delicious all laid out and you can even toss it as a salad so that every bite is different.  
Also, the shrimp is delicious - definitely try it!

Dec 23, 2011

 Burrito Bandidos has a reputation for the best burritos in Toronto - Eye Magazine, NOW magazine, DineTO and Toronto Life Magazine have rated the burritos here very highly.
My coworkers have also tried this place and raved about how these were some of the best burritos in Toronto (better than Chipotle,Burrito Boyz and Zteca). Therefore, my friend and I decided to try it out for lunch. The store is two blocks north of Yonge and College, so it was a relatively quick walk from College Park and although the store is very tiny and the menu relatively simple - there was still a decent variety of stuff to choose from.

My friend and I both got the Chicken burrito (I got a large and she got a small - but they used the same wrap size - I just got a lot more of the toppings as you can see below). The ingredients were super fresh and we got premium toppings for free with our burrito (contrary to the other burrito places, where they charge you an extra $0.50 - $0.75 for guacamole and cheese).  My burrito was perfect! Crispy skin on the outside, the cheese inside was melted everywhere in the burrito and the chicken was succulent and full of flavour. Definitely worth the $8 something for the lunch - I was so stuffed I could barely eat my dinner later that night. 
Just a warning: my friend got the hot sauce and spicy stuff in her burrito and it didn't sit too well with her stomach... 
Conclusion: Amazing! (for me), the small is definitely better value and I would totally recommend this place  & go back again (but I should probably warn you against the hot sauce...)

Update on Dec 30, 2011
Still as delicious as the first time!
Halibut Burrito! 
Amazing! A bit pricier - but the fish was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Not as much kapow flavour as the chicken or steak, but still really good! The only size available is Large - so be prepared to pay a bit more.

Halibut and chicken burritos

The steak burrito on the left, halibut in the back and chicken on the right.
I felt that the chicken had the best flavour! (I might be slightly biased since chicken is my favourite type of meat). The ingredients are fresh and I love that they really stuff the burritos with everything you want (including a ton of cheese and guacamole). Consistently amazing! 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Don Mills VIP theatre

I heard so many good reviews about The Martian that I really wanted to see it in the theatres.  So I convinced my friends to see the Martian at the Don Mills VIP theatre because I also wanted to try the whole experience. 
Chipotle Chicken Club Wrap with chicken, greens, bacon and cheese with fries on the side. 
The food was kinda mediocre, but I guess it's more about the experience here? It was nice that they delivered the food to our seats before the movie started - but it took me like 15 minutes before someone actually paid attention to me to take my order. 

Tandoori flatbread with chicken, goat cheese, pepers and drizzled with honey
This dish sounded cooler than it actually was. It tasted okay and at least it wasn't like microwaved or anything, but it was rather pricey for a small theatre food portion.