Monday, 11 April 2016


April 11, 2016
The last time I went to Maman's I saw the pistachio cake and knew I had to come back and try it (see pistachio obsession).
Pistachio Cake
I liked the white chocolate icing with pistachios, but the cake was a little strange for me.  It was a pistachio pound cake with a kind of moist inside and slightly charred outside edge (under the icing).
I didn't really like it even though it had the pistachio flavour.

Lavendar Blueberry Cake
I liked this cake a lot better than the pistachio cake.  The cake was really nice and exactly what I expected from a pound cake and there was this lovely blueberry and vanilla flavour.  The lavendar blueberry icing was really good too.

November 25, 2015
I was meeting up with some friends for lunch in the area and my friend raved about Maman's chocolate chip cookies (which are really popular in the financial district). 
Cookie to go!
The store is really beautifully designed and they have some delicious lunch and dessert options. I might come back to try that pistachio cake!

Cookie - $3
It was gooey with melted bittersweet chocolate and huge macadamia nuts, but it was a little salty (which was rather weird).  They might have had an off-day baking the cookies - but it was definitely not worth $3 to me.  I've had better cookies at Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton and they weren't as expensive either!

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