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September 2, 2017
Hokkaido scallop roll 
So yummy and pretty! 

August 19, 2017
I felt like I didn't really satisfy my Japanese food craving after Japango, so I went back to Shinobu for more (reasonably priced) sushi.
Soft shell crab roll
Yum! The soft shell crab was delicious and the sushi was nicely packed together and filled with lots of fresh vegetables. 

Lunch Box Set with Chicken Tempura
Everything in this lunch box was delicious! I love the crispy chicken with the homemade mayonnaise. The eggplant and tofu were spectacular and the salad, miso soup and sushi were really good. 

December 24, 2016
Another delicious seafood meal at Shinobu! We decided to mix it up today and we went to try some of their specials:
Uni - sea urchin
So delicious and there was so much of the sweet buttery sea urchin on tightly wrapped sushi rice. 
Toro Roll
Fatty tuna belly with spring onion - the fish is so good that it practically melts in your mouth. Yum!

February 13, 2016
I love coming here on Saturdays for lunch - the food is so good and the lunch sets are such good value for money! (prices went up a bit due to inflation, but the food is still as delicious as ever)
Rainbow Roll
I love that they torch the honey glazed roll. It just makes every morsel of sushi sweeter and there's a nice warmth to each bite. Yum! 

Beef Yakiniku Set
So yummy - everything on this tray has been meticulously prepared with the flavour profiles fully thought out. So good! 

Chicken Tempura Set 
Ryo's honey chicken has the best mayo accompaniment - I used to hate egg in the mayo, but now I'm obsessed with it. 

August 30, 2014
It's been a while since I've been able to eat at Shinobu for their Saturday lunch specials!
And they had a lovely surprise for us today! The chef had toro (fatty tuna)!
Toro is probably the most delicious fresh fish you can possibly get. It's smooth, silky, delicious and just melts in your mouth with flavour. (and it's also super expensive usually)
 Toro Roll and Scallop sashimi
So yummy! Chopped up toro meat with some spring onions and wasabi all tightly wrapped with seaweed and rice. You've got to try this! The scallop sashimi was also really delicious and so fresh!

Beef Yakiniku Set
The beef set is still as delicious as I remember! They're really good with keeping up with standards because everything still tastes amazing!

Chicken Tempura Set
I still love the mayonnaise with the chicken tempura (I should totally ask the chef for the recipe!) It's so good!

February 2, 2013
Shinobu has a board with some daily lunch specials and we decided to order some of the specials to try them out. 
Nasu Dengaku (miso sauce eggplant)
This appetizer is off their regular menu (they serve the eggplant with the special sets), but we liked it so much that we ordered more of it to share. It's sooo good! The miso sauce has a grainy almost paste-like texture and it's full of flavour and the eggplant is a little mushy on the outside but still relatively firm on the inside. 

Deep Fried Halibut with ponzu sauce
Crispy and delicious bite size morsels of halibut in a really lovely ponzu sauce topped with shredded radishes and green onions - once you start eating one, you just can't stop - so good!

Baby Lobster Tail Roll
I thought this was so cute with the baby lobster tail shell on top.
The lobster tail was delicate and soft and the other ingredients were crisp and fresh which made a nice combination of textures.

Green Tea Cheesecake
I'm usually not a big fan of matcha because I find it a strong and bitter taste. This cheesecake definitely had the matcha taste, but it was a little more diluted due to the cheese content. It was lightly spongy and soft. A nice treat!

July 28, 2012
After hearing about this Japanese restaurant from a friend, we decided to try it out. 
Luckily, they were open for lunch on Saturdays and offered four set lunch specials on top of their regular menu.

Beef Yakiniku Set $9.80
What a great meal! You get beef yakiniku (grilled beef) with cabbage and lettuce in a tangy soy sauce along with a sesame dressing salad, tofu, eggplant, some vegetable rolls, rice and miso soup.
 It was evident that each one of the dishes were carefully prepared and artfully presented because everything was fresh and oishi (delicious).

Sashimi set $12.90
The sashimi set had the same sides as the beef yakiniku set. 
The chef served salmon, mackerel, squid, white fish and tuna. Yum!

Chicken Tempura Set $9.80
Egg white and mayonnaise sauce with the crispy chicken tempura was a great combination.

Overall: Shinobu is definitely a great Japanese restaurant: everything was meticulously prepared and delicious. The service can be a little slow, but the food (and the prices) more than make up for it!

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